Expanding Pins
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Expanding Pins

Expanding pins feature fingers that are located below the surface of the pin. When actuated, the fingers expand to center and locate the part, serving as an internal clamp. Mechanical advantage keeps the fingers in position until the actuator retracts. Ease of loading and unloading is enabled, while providing the desired accuracy.

  • Capable of locating large and heavy fabrications
  • Provides for easy load and unload of work piece
  • Allows for complete access to the part
  • Two, three, or four finger designs
  • Multiple diameter mandrels, 30-200mm diameter
  • Optional solid state cylinder switch

Custom designed per application ~ please see Catalog for worksheet


Expanding Pins
3-finger set
15mm dia. pin
3-finger set
150 dia. pin
Three 2-finger sets
47mm dia. pin
4-finger set, custom backup
63mm dia. pin
Two 4-finger sets
45mm dia. pin
Dual dia 4-finger set
67mm dia. pin
3-finger expanding chuck
For flywheel handling
Dual dia 4-finger set
For weld tacking fixture