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Welker Part Presentation Slides

"Move the part, not the robot"

The Welker Part Presentation Slide offers a cost and space saving alternative to feed conveyors. Utilizing electric actuators, they deliver a 90% reduction in energy usage compared to long stroke pneumatic slides. Constructed of heavy duty aluminum extrusion, slides are suitable for harsh environments. A single motor unit can drive one or two carriages. Dual slide units allow push/pull presentation, which buries load time in the cycle. Slides can be outfitted with trays for multiple presentations. Floor mounted slides can pull dunnage carts.


  • Nested part presentation
  • End effector storage/retrieval
  • Weld or clinching guns
  • Model select
  • Tip dresser shuttle
  • Overhead shuttle when used with the DB4 lifter
Extrusion Slides Worksheet QPE-FM-007
VFD Panel Box Catalog
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On-Machine Drives

On-machine mounted drive for 1HP or 3HP VFD single axis extrusion slides.
Dual axis slides require two drives.
  • Siemens G-120 Series drive supports Ethernet, Profinet, or Servo
    6 inputs: one for each slide switch
    2 outputs report to main PLC advanced or retracted
    2 analog input/outputs can be used for any encoder or linear transducer
  • Shines best on single and push/pull units
    1HP pricing $4,300 vs $7,800, saving $3,500
    3HP pricing $5,100 vs $8,050, saving $2,950
  • Fully connectorized with HAN
  • All cables and basic programming included
  • Encoder capable A/B NO


Multi-part pallets:

Part Presentation Slides

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