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Pin Clamps
Patent # 6,786,478

Welker Pin Clamps

Welker Pin Clamps offer positive part location and clamping. With the dual finger design, clamping is achieved on both sides of a hole or slot. Maximizes work access to part.

  • The unique gapless finger design keeps contaminants away from the internal mechanism.
  • Linear clamping ensures positive clamping for multiple parts, flanged holes and part thicknesses within a 7mm range.
  • World switch compatible.
  • Applications: underbody fixtures, end effectors - replaces separate pin and clamp. Ideal for geometry setting or material handling.
  • All Welker Pin Clamps are NAAMS compatible
The only pin clamp on the market with a replaceable cartridge for cost savings!

Application Photos

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PCZ Pin Clamp
PCZ Pin Clamp
Pin diameter range: 8.00 to 16.00
Integrated cylinder
Backup diameters to 35mm
Part thicknesses to 14mm
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PCM Pin Clamp
PCM Pin Clamp
Pin diameter range: 25.01 to 40.00
Standard pin diameters: 34.85, 35.00, 39.85, 40.00
Bore: 63mm
Backup diameters 51-75mm
Part thicknesses to 7mm
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